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Ray Mayhew Online provides resources designed to serve leaders who don't have the luxury of unlimited study time.

Book Intros

These compact lessons from Genesis to Revelation combine penetrating analysis with powerful life application for individuals and the church.

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In-Depth Studies

Lectures in the In-Depth Studies break new ground. Grappling with critical themes, you will discover new ways forward as a leader.

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Topical lectures and sermons dealing with common life concerns for those who follow Jesus.

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Rather than keeping all his new research in his personal files until it's ready to be recorded, Ray has decided to post it "piecemeal" ahead of time. These highlights will become in-depth expositions of biblical books under the In-Depth Studies when complete.

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About Ray

Ray, a native of the UK, did his academic work in the USA, and has been in local church leadership and international leadership development since 1975, ministering in the UK, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Ray has authored several books and numerous articles. He and Jenny have four children who are actively serving the Lord in various ministries around the world.


Our Vision

Christian leaders are exhorted in the Scriptures to be 'able to teach'. But with all the demands both vocational and lay church leaders face, where is the time to study? Ray Mayhew Online provides resources designed to serve leaders who don't have all the luxury of study time.

The rapid growth of the Church, combined with the economic, geographic and social limitations that are the reality for most believers around the world, means that there are many called to leadership in local churches who have not had the benefit of formal training in theology or leadership. Ray Mayhew Online is designed to empower such people.

God continues to raise up world class biblical scholars who wrestle with the issues confronting us in the 21st century. Ray's teachings will not only take you through every book of the bible, but also connect you to those theologians and biblical scholars who can assist you in both expounding and applying the scriptures to your life and ministry.

Take advantage of free leadership resouces

Ray Mayhew Online offers teaching, audio classes and online articles to add breadth and depth to your knowledge and application of Scripture. Everything on is free to download and share so that contemporary theological discussion can be accessible to leaders on the front lines of ministry anywhere.


  • Get an overview of the Bible and the great theme's of God's work in human history in Book Intros, covering every book of the bible form Genesis to Revelation.
  • Deepen your understanding of Scripture and find helpful material for your own Bible teaching in In-Depth Studies.
  • Discover scriptural insights from Ray's research drawing from the wisdom from Church Fathers, Eastern Orthodoxy and Medieval and Jewish exegesis in Footnotes Highlights.
  • Explore Ray's sermons and articles on a wide variety of biblical and theological issues, most pertaining to the personal life of the believer and spiritual formation in Topics.
  • See What's New -  the latest selections, insights and book reviews.


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